For Android Developers

Google has declared Android the fastest growing platform for software developers. Yet with a huge number of Android apps being created, Android developers struggle with how to market their products, reaching a larger market, and managing the impact of massive app stores on consumers and businesses. For developers who want […]

Androids Biggest Esports

Whilst the primary esports market is still heavily focussed on PC and the biggest games the PC has to offer, recent years have also seen movement in the mobile esports space as the huge audience behind mobile gaming and the growth in certain regions has found huge benefit to doing […]

Great Android Tablet Options

What exactly is an Android tablet? A tablet computer, also commonly shortened to simply tablet, is actually a hand-held personal electronic device, usually with a touch screen display and an integrated touch-sensitive micro USB interface processing circuitry, and usually with a single, lightweight and long-lasting battery in a conveniently shaped […]

What is a Mobile Device?

Mobile devices are small electronic devices that are generally used to access the internet on the go. The term “mobile device” refers to both cell phones (which can also be referred to as mobile phones) and PDAs. A mobile device has many functions such as communication and entertainment. Cell phones […]