There is no doubt about the huge impact on your branding and on your bottom line getting ranked high on Google search results can have, but just over two decades later since the founding of the world’s leading search engine and nobody can say with 100% certainty that they have the full measure of what it takes to rank high. Sure, there are many SEO agencies which claim to offer services which all but guarantee a high ranking, some of which even claim to guarantee a first-page or outright #1 ranking, but the question of longevity then comes to the fore as far as those are involved. Google my business will help you understand your target audience

Check back a mere six months later and see if they still offer the same guarantees. Better yet, check out some customer reviews, particularly looking out for pointers such as how long they managed to rank first or on the first page and whether or not they didn’t suddenly get penalised by Google for having commissioned some violations of their terms of service.

The truth about Google’s search results is that it’s a game which will be played for as long as anyone wants to try and have their website ranked high, organically in that way. Once a large enough number of people figure out the formula for ranking high, Google effects some changes to their ranking algorithm, but there is some mainstay information which if you’re in on it, you can be sure to consistently rank highly and not ever have to worry about getting penalised. It’s not only your site that could get injured – you could too! If you get injured at work you could contact for useful advice.


Look, for as long as Google as we know it will continue to exist, the core of their raking algorithm will always be underpinned by the one factor which essentially brought the company into existence, which of course are the number of backlinks which are pointing to your site. Google emerged as the world’s number one search engine thanks in large part to the effectiveness of this ranking system, which as mentioned, is driven by the number of links pointing to your site.

What it becomes then is simply a matter of an application of the various dynamics around which Google tries to move away from merely using the number of links (backlinks) to rank websites, because then it would simply be a matter of “he who has the most backlinks tops the search engine rankings.” The focus is increasingly becoming about the “quality” of those backlinks, which has given rise to an entire industry that helps you to rank higher on search results. Just head to a site like and you’ll see how easy it is to rank higher – all it takes is a bit of time and effort.

It’s a bit like one of those Russian dolls, because what qualifies as a site that links to your site with what is considered to be a quality backlink requires that site in-turn to have several high-quality backlinks pointing to it in the first place. This is where the uniqueness and quality of the content published on the linking sites comes into effect, because Google then applies ranking “penalties” for low-quality links, such as links which come from duplicated content, content that isn’t human readable and is clearly designed to trick the search engines, etc.

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