No, you haven’t stumbled upon the unofficial (or official) tech-support site for your all your devices running on the Android OS! The Android Site is simply a tech blog, but not just another tech blog!

Who am I?

My name is Matt, which you might have guessed to be short for Matthew or something along those lines, but in actual fact it’s short for “Mattheus” Yes, my parents somehow conspired to name me that, which is why I rather go by simply Matt, something which is probably representative of the manner through which I go about my personal and professional life.

I make no distinction between the two (my personal and professional life) and mention them side-by-side, well, because I practically live and breathe my work! I’m a tech guy through-and-through, rather ironically using the name “mattheus” as my nick whenever I dabble in the virtual realms of the online gaming world, both as a casual gamer and as a gaming market research professional.

Gaming market research is just one of the things I do, with another being a tech blogger, of course, but when I say I’m a tech guy through-and-through, that’s exactly what I mean.

Self-taught programmer

You learn the principles of Computer Science using the first programming language with which you want to build something and you basically know pretty much every other programming language, don’t you? Well, at least it becomes much easier to grasp pretty much any other language.

I first learned C++ because I wanted to write my own games, for what were MS-DOS based games, back then, but I have absolutely no regrets, having picked up a C++ prescribed college textbook and taught myself how to code. I’ve not looked back since, although I barely code these days, because I reckon the action in the tech world lies beyond the blacked out screen with green text…

A flair for writing

Programming is very similar to writing in that most high-level programming languages are pretty much comprised out of algorithms you build using English “phrases.” So that is where I found the real “action” to be, stirring up my flair for writing to have me living out what is the dream life of a tech blogger. I guess dreams are subjective, but I’ve found mine and I’m pursuing it…

What you can expect on this here blog

SO what you can expect to find on this blog is pretty much everything which is encapsulated by technology…Err, no programming pun intended…I promise!

While the contemporary definition of what technology is may suggest that it only has something to do with coding, websites, apps and robots, here at The Android Site we are going to go beyond that narrow definition and feature content about technology as it exists in the true essence of the term’s definition.

So, what that means is that The Android Site is about “The discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems.”