Apple device users get a lot of flak from Android users in the debate that pits iPhones versus Android devices in particular and dare I say it’s not unwarranted. There are so many different negative points at which I could very well jump on the iOS bashing bandwagon myself, but I won’t…

Okay, I’ll get back to focussing on the discussion through more of a positive approach in a bit. For now, allow me to say that I tend to agree to a certain extent with Android users who label iPhone users as sheep who are so easily milked by Apple when a new iPhone is released, characteristically costs insane amounts of money and doesn’t have much in the way of upgrades and updates to the previous version.

I mean I just really have to be honest here, because my aim is to share useful information on this blog with my readers, expressed as my humblest opinion. So, if for instance my grandmother asked me if she should buy an iPhone or a smartphone which runs the Android OS, straight off the bat I’d will her to go with the Android device. This is not to say that any old Android device will do over all iPhones, because quite ironically for many iPhone fans it is indeed ht other way around.

Let’s give iPhone a chance to defend itself though, because there are indeed some unique selling pointers which perhaps justify the selection of an iPhone over an Android device.

What iPhone has going on

Just what on earth is it that has iPhone users camping outside of electronics stores to be one of the first consumers to get their hands on the newest release of an iPhone? If we’re honest, it’s mostly just a branding thing in that the late Steve Jobs did a great job in defining exactly what the market not only needs, but what it wants as well.

An iPhone truly becomes YOUR smartphone when you take up possession of it, because then you have access to features such as Find My iPhone and other personalisation and security features. And these security features are important; click here to learn why. These features trump Android phones as they are contained in the iPhone.

However, what many iPhone users are scrambling to pay through their noses for are a set of features which they may not necessarily know they’re getting. According to the unofficial founding principles of the late Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, users of Apple iPhones never go looking for hacks and solutions to after-sales deployment problems, as they do with Android devices. So, when they encounter problems, they usually look for experts who have knowledge about Apple mobile devices and can Fix Phone easily.

Basically an iPhone is designed purely with the consumer in mind, not to mention how stylish it is, but all-things considered, including how they measure up in features such as camera quality, battery-life, extensibility and compatibility with other devices, the iPhone versus Android debate isn’t even a debate in my book. I’d choose Android any day, especially when considering the growing availability of apps from the point of view of the apps developers.