Writing a guest post for a tech blog requires contributors to follow a little bit of a different set of editorial guidelines, so if you’re a writer and you’re considering making a contribution to TheAndroidSite, here are some specific guidelines which generally apply to writing for the fast-paced technology topic…

Classic tech news

As you would have probably guessed by reading through some of the content which has already been published on the blog, at TheAndroidSite we’re all about the tech news that matters. That means technology news with more of a classic feel to it, which in turn means that it isn’t the sort of bubblegum news that loses flavour as quickly as it has been published.

So what exactly are we talking about here? Instead of discussing something like “5 timewaster apps” as perhaps a topic that has been done to death, our focus is more on that tech news which never really gets old. If those apps can still be downloaded and used just as effectively a year or three from the date of the article’s publication, then that’s a different story and that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

NO clickbait!

As a publisher of tech news and other features which cover the technology topic, naturally I’m also a consumer of other content which is published by other bloggers and news outlets. So I know all about the annoying habits some publishers have, like click-bait nonsense. Fortunately it appears as if the trend has died down a bit and come to think of it I haven’t seen any of those “…what happened next will shock you” headlines in quite a while.

We’re not about to try and bring that annoying trend back here, so if any of the content you pitch is to be considered, stay far away from click-bait-y type headlines. What is usually contained in these types of articles doesn’t add any value to the reader in any case…

We’re all for the latest tech trends

As much as I led with classic tech news as the basis of the type of content we publish here and the content we’re looking for from any contributors, we are indeed still all about the latest tech trends as well. Classic tech news doesn’t mean we won’t be exploring trending news like the release of the latest iPhone or something along those lines. All it means is that the news and content has to be of value which can be re-visited later on, when all the hype around that news-piece has long since died down.

Sticking to the iPhone example, if we share some specs of the latest iPhone and a newer model is released a few months later, the previous post can still be of value to someone who might be seeking to compare the latest features to those of the ones contained in the previous version, perhaps to determine if it’s worth making the upgrade or something along those lines.

Content that gets the mind working

There are many tech blogs out there and we maintain our edge through the publication of engaging content that gets the minds of our readers working. We would ask the same of anyone who seeks to contribute any content, even if it’s a guest post.

Staying true to the essence of technology

As demonstrated through our exploration of the true definition of technology, we encourage discussions around everything which is encompassed by the true essence of tech. So it’s not all about gadgets and gizmos.

High-quality writing standards

Your writing would have to be of a high standard in order to be considered for publication here, so it’ll help if you have other sources you can point to through which the quality of your writing can be gauged.

Submitting guest posts and topic suggestions

Please get in touch with me first with your idea before actually going ahead and writing the content you want to contribute. You can contact me via the contact form on the “Contact Us” page or you can simply get in touch via email. Only original work will be considered and it has to fall in line with the editorial guidelines above as well as fitting in perfectly with the general theme and writing style of the blog.

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