The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t seem to be or feel much like a part of the Galaxy S series. That’s because the company has included much of what made its Galaxy Note series so popular into the design of this new flagship phone.

This is the culmination of everything which made the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note series great. However, its looks are inherited entirely from the Note product family. While the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S22 – as well as the Galaxy S22 Plus – are the gradual upgrades over their forerunners, the company has pivoted significantly for its Ultra line.

In 2021, Samsung skipped put on its Galaxy Note series. While the company hasn’t confirmed that the product line is gone for good, the S22 Ultra is possibly the final nail in the Note’s coffin.

A Better Camera In Low Light

Like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with a 108-megapixel main sensor, 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor and two 10-megapixel telephoto lenses. However Samsung says it’s made some under-the-hood improvements that should make the Ultra better at taking photos in dark scenarios and processing detail. In particular, Samsung says the new cameras can capture four times as much data.

As far as low-light photos are concerned, the Galaxy S22 Ultra certainly delivers as compared with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 Ultra performs better in low light compared to its predecessor.

Samsung updated the way the Galaxy S22’s cameras process photos in dim conditions. All three new phones can combine the resolution from the camera’s main sensor with a process known as pixel binning. This combines data from multiple pixels into one giant pixel in order to improve brightness. Pixel binning isn’t new to Galaxy phones, however the ability to combine it with higher resolution from the main sensor is.


The S21 Ultra incorporates Samsung’s Contour Cut camera housing that extends the metal frame out from the right side and around the back. The S22 and S22 Plus look to have a similar design as last year’s S21 models while the S22 Ultra has a simple, minimalistic rear camera layout with five raised circles protruding out the back of the phone on a field of matte Gorilla Glass Victus Plus. It

One other hardware difference is that the 40MP front-facing camera is not a traditional centre hole punch camera as it appears. The camera is actually positioned under the glass display, so the glass over the camera is smooth with no cut-out for the camera.

The major change with the S22 Ultra is the inclusion of the S Pen and a silo to store and charge it. Since it is a Bluetooth stylus, it is charged in the silo and supports wireless Air Actions. Samsung also reduced the S Pen latency to just 2.8 milliseconds (from 9 milliseconds), so your pen will flow flawlessly across the display, even when you’re filling in your details to claim your Black Lotus Casino bonus. The S Pen in the four standard phone colours is matte black, while the Samsung exclusive colours have colourful S Pens to match.