Social media marketing allows marketers to reach out to their target audience in the most effective way. With millions of people using social media, companies today need to invest in social media marketing if they want to enhance their business.

Social media marketing professionals need to be aware of the latest trends. Implementing these trends early can help get them a competitive edge. We present a few top social media marketing trends that would become popular in 2023.

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Top social media marketing trends for 2023

1) Live videos

Live streaming of videos is now a popular trend and is being used by content creators. Brands can also capitalize on this trend and offer live videos to their target audience. These live videos can offer something of value to potential customers that would make them want to tune in. Marketers can also use live videos to demonstrate forthcoming products and announce launches.

TikTok has become popular along with Instagram which now has more users with live videos. Another trend that is becoming popular is live shopping. This allows marketers to reach out to customers and persuade them to shop live. It helps brands build stronger relationships with customers.

2) Social messaging

The use of messaging on social media has become popular. People no longer prefer SMS and instead use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other such messaging tools. These tools are convenient to use and marketers can take advantage of this trend. You can use ads to reach out to customers who use these messaging tools.

Your brand can use social messaging to engage with customers. You can offer service to customers through the messaging tool. Implementing a chatbot is a good option to continuously engage with customers who seek information. It helps you increase engagement, which is a great way to grow your business.

3) Influencer marketing

Social media marketing always used influencer marketing to reach out to customers. This trend has increased with more and more brands preferring to use this form of marketing. With influencers becoming more data-driven and aware of algorithms, the process has become almost a science. It is estimated that you can get 11 times higher ROI from influencer marketing as compared to other forms. Digital marketing agencies such as Frenik Labs ( and others have even partnered up with well-known influencers, in order to expedite the process of connecting them with relevant clients.

In 2023, this trend may well become a norm. If you have not started using influencer marketing it is time to do so. Find out the influencers who are popular among your target audience. Connect with them and use their help to reach out and engage with your target audience. This is money worth spending and can help you get instant results.

4) Personalized content

Offering the same content to everyone does not fetch good results. This is why personalized content is the trend, even on social media. Since brands can get data about social media users, they can offer personalized content. Based on the user’s preferences, content that is meaningful to the user can be offered.

This kind of content would be welcome and it would help the brand win the customer’s confidence. Such videos are also easy to create and it would be possible to post multiple videos in a short span. Brands can now deliver personalized ads that cater to the specific needs of customers. This is a sure way of driving engagement and increasing sales.

5) Short videos

Short videos are becoming popular. While video content has always been popular, many users do not have time to view long videos. This has resulted in SM platforms offering short videos (YouTube Shorts). This allows users to post short videos that are under a minute. Such videos are becoming popular and getting huge traction.

Brands also need to use this trend to create short and informative videos. Slickly made short videos can help convey a message while providing something of use to customers. This is a great way to engage with customers. It is particularly effective while targeting younger audiences since they have a shorter attention span.

6) Social commerce

Brands would use social media to drive customers to visit their websites to make a purchase. This is no longer necessary since social commerce allows e-commerce to be offered on social media sites. Instagram Storefront and Facebook Shop are already operating. It is expected that this trend would pick up in 2023.

Brands need to create catalogs for social media and showcase their products. They can add buy options to social media posts. This makes it easier for customers to make purchases directly from social media. It is time that brands create a social commerce strategy for 2023. It can help them get a competitive edge in the market.

Let’s hope to see more trends for social media in 2023 that we can use to build our brands.

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