72 million people in Vietnam use social media. It represents 73.7% of Vietnam’s population. In this country, social media has particular characteristics. For example, they have a WeChat-like app called Zalo. Learning more about how social media works in Vietnam isn’t impossible. Still, you need to check what is trending now and in the near future.

The top social media platforms in Vietnam are Facebook, YouTube, Zalo, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Other relevant platforms include TikTok, Twitter, Skype, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Twitch, and Snapchat.


Facebook is still on top of the list as the most used platform in Vietnam, even though most young people aren’t using it anymore. If you want to target a young audience, Facebook may not be the best option. Still, it continues to be an essential tool for every business and brand. Most Facebook users in Vietnam use it to follow friends, news, and events, post photos, check-in, and buy things. In just a few years, Facebook has evolved from posting pictures to a profitable ecosystem for businesses. It’s no longer about just managing a page. You must check for linked groups, instant ads, stories, live videos, and chatbots. The platform presents a high number of competitors. Therefore, using Facebook as one of the many content distribution channels is relevant. It shouldn’t be the only one, though.


YouTube is massive in Vietnam. You will find people checking it on a bus, at the gym, or in the reception of every building. Google has announced that Vietnam is among the world’s top five markets. YouTube ads reached 97% in Vietnam between 2018 and 2019. It’s an impressive statistic about how effective this platform is. 96% of social media users use YouTube. However, only 75% of brands are using the site for marketing. There is an opportunity to invest in YouTube as there is less competition than on Facebook. Also, the platform keeps the content for an extended period. It can increase views in a matter of months and years.


Zalo is the Vietnamese cousin of WhatsApp or WeChat. It has become an essential tool for business too. Most Zalo users are in their early 30s, and it offers you the opportunity to find and connect with people nearby. You can also share locations, play in-app games, and more. You can create a Zalo Official Account, like Facebook, and gain business benefits, like building a community, content development, and driving sales. The platform has expanded with an instant article publisher, Zalo Media, an online shop, Zalo shop, and a mobile wallet app named Zalo Pay. Zalo offers a unique opportunity for new businesses opening in Vietnam.

##Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the leading platform for connecting with businesses in Vietnam. 85% of Facebook users utilize it before sending or picking up goods. Most users  want information on products, promotions, locations, support or prefer to buy products immediately. You can find everything from cat food to gym gear. Messenger is even more powerful than email marketing. Studies have found that the platform represents 242% and 609% of open and click rates, respectively. Chatbots have also helped with the increase. Still, bots need a clear purpose and context to engage with customers. The coldness of a machine trying to help you with your order isn’t helping the market. It’s essential to have a person handling Facebook Messenger in any business.

##Vietnam eVisa

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