Mobile gaming has been increasing in recent years with a lot more gamers taking up mobile gaming instead of gaming on a console or a pc. A lot of gamers are using iPhone for their gaming sessions now with Apple and the different app stores offering a host of different games to choose from.

There is a good selection of different games to choose from on mobile devices now which is why some gamers are now saying that mobile gaming is better than console gaming. A lot of non UK casinos are offering their games to mobile devices which have improved mobile gaming a lot due to more gamers looking to use casino games on a mobile device rather than a console and you can find some here that a lot of mobile gamers are visiting.

COVID and the pandemic encouraged a lot of gamers to turn to mobile devices to game on due to them offering the same games as you can get on a console or a pc with the same graphics if not better ones on mobile devices. There are more gamers now that prefer mobile devices to game on due to them featuring the new gaming graphics and technology which has helped to encourage more gamers to take up mobile gaming due to the quality of the games that are now available.

Mobile devices have proved to be a great platform for gamers to game on with most console and pc games now being available across mobile devices and the different app stores so gamers can get their favourite games and play them from the palm of their hands. Some games do not even need a WIFI or mobile data connection with gamers being able to download the games and play them when and wherever they might be. Mobile devices to some gamers are the preferred method to game on now with them being able to access all their favourite games from the touch of a button.

However, one may not be able to pinpoint and say for sure, which one is better. This would be due to the fact that one’s preferences would be based on motives– entertainment, passing time, or earning. First, if a person likes an elaborate setup with high graphics, storylines, and memory-heavy games, playing on an X-Box, a PlayStation, or a gaming PC would be more suitable. Next, if a person likes to play to pass time, certain mobile apps would be better suited as they would be quick and easy to play. And since mobiles are rather portable and easy to carry, they could enjoy the convenience of playing on their phones anywhere, at any time. Finally, if a person likes to play to earn crypto tokens or legal currency, he/she could search on and similar online platforms to find suitable casino games and play. Play to earn games would not be restricted to just casino but the genre of arcade as well.

More games are being added to the app stores and online platforms to ensure that mobile gamers are getting a large choice of the best games to choose from. So, the debate is still yet to be settled as to if mobile gaming is better than gaming on a console with some gamers still believing that consoles are better for gaming and some gamers arguing that mobile devices are the present and the future of gaming.