Investing in an SEO agency may not be at the top of the list of priorities for many businesses at the moment, but that is exactly the reason why it should be at the top of yours. The increase in online shopping and general commerce means the digital sphere is proving an even more competitive but lucrative field to operate your business in. c

For those who do not know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is a long-term strategy that can help your business climb the search rankings of the likes of Google and Bing which can increase traffic to your website and as a result your sales. Multiple factors go into a well-optimised website, including the technical aspects of the code, the quality of the links to the site and perceived relevance it has to the searcher’s query in the eyes of Google.

For many businesses with an internal marketing team, time could be better spent on other channels like social media and paid advertising; of course, everything has an opportunity cost. In this situation hiring an SEO agency, like the one found at, could be a very profitable move.

In today’s article, we detail some of the latest developments in the world of SEO and how a good SEO agency could help you take profitable steps in implementing them.

  • Free Shopping Listings offer some profitable free digital real estate

Google has recently launched its change in the shopping listing results page. Essentially, they can now be attained through organic reach in the same way as standard results pages. This is an interesting development for SEO. This provides a potentially profitable avenue for your business. Listings could be attained with minor tweaks to any e-commerce product pages and with some investment in SEO could provide more long-term sales and traffic in the future.

A good SEO agency will consider how your business can take advantage of the changes. The nature of Google means that whilst changes can be troublesome, they can provide some great growth opportunities.

  • Content marketing can build long term profit with an SEO agency

With many more people now working from home we have seen an increase in the number of content businesses are producing online. Content is often referred to as king for its ability to generate high-quality links which boost your website’s rankings. A good SEO agency will recognise this and work with you to develop a long-term content strategy that works for your brand and what you are trying to accomplish. Speaking of brands, onto number 3.

  • Brand signals are important, a good SEO agency will recognise that

IN recent times we have seen a boost in the importance of brand signals for SEO. Brand signals are the credibility that your company earns through its brand. Brand signals are generated by several factors including any press releases, influencer mention of brands and the number of searches that appear for it on Google.

Developing brand signals is naturally a long-term strategy, if you are working with a good SEO agency, they will know this. Tools such as remarketing and content marketing can work to develop your businesses’ brand signal alongside your agency’s SEO strategies.

  • Conversion optimisation and tracking are becoming more important

As an experienced SEO agency will tell you, getting people to your website will achieve nothing if they are not taking the desired action. This can range from the purchase of a product, downloading of a resource or signing up to a newsletter. Factors that can influence this include page load speed, design, the dept of the webpage and the copy. A good SEO agency will help you optimise the website for your desired business purposes. This will have a good knock-on effect for your general SEO as it can increase the number of site visits and reduce the number of bounce rates.

Find an SEO agency that will take your brand on a journey

Getting the whole strategy right when it comes to digital marketing means investing in more than just SEO. This is why we recommend teaming up with an SEO agency that works well with other marketing teams, both internally and externally. This will help you develop a journey with your brand that your customers will love, making you more competitive in the future.

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