In business, you play to win. But, a poor marketing strategy could hurt your brand-and overall, your success. 

At a time when almost all transactions can be conducted online, you have to be where your target audience is. Today, that largely means being on several platforms, including LinkedIn. This much is true if you’re in a niche industry like a trucking business where there is a much smaller, more specific market. 

With more than 260 million active users, LinkedIn offers a way for businesses to generate lead sales and ultimately grow their brand. How to do it is what we’ll discuss in this article. 

What Can You Do With a LinkedIn Profile? 

LinkedIn connects you to a network of professionals and businesses. With a company page, you can publish news and developments within your industry, which your target audience is interested in. The more engaging your content, the further is its reach. This is just an insight into how a LinkedIn profile can showcase your business, improving your visibility online, and helping you stand out from the competition. 

Create Engaging Content 

Quality content promotes engagement and inspires conversations and LinkedIn allows you to create one in various shareable formats including SlideShare presentation, blog posts, infographics, podcasts, videos, even webinars. 

Whenever your page followers react or comment on your update, it’s then shared in the news feeds of their connections as well, thus furthering your reach. With that, you can consider including a PDF brochure or a link to a landing page to drive quality traffic to your site. 

However, remember to publish only quality and relevant posts that will encourage engagement. Otherwise, it will look like spam, which could result in you losing followers. 

Launch New Products and Services 

With a LinkedIn page, you can also introduce new products or services and explain how they can benefit your target customers to meet their business requirements. 

With a trucking business, you can also post the products you are selling such as used semi trailers for sale by owner. You can give them value by offering discounts or connecting them directly with the owners. 

Other updates you can publish are promos and discounts, the latest product information, blog content, and customer service, to name a few. 

Standout From the Competition 

Being on LinkedIn already separates you from businesses that are not on the platform. But, using its features can help separate your business further from your competitors. Share information about your company, its culture, values, mission, and vision. You can also share updates about company promotions, sales performance, etc. Consider how you can use these stories in creating rich content like photos, videos, and infographics. All these can give a transparent and positive impression of your business.

A LinkedIn profile also allows you to monitor updates in your industry and track what your competitors are doing. It will help you identify trends as they occur and grab opportunities for growth areas for your business. 

Find job candidates

LinkedIn, in its essence, is a place for people to find jobs. But, from a business point of view, it gives you valuable insights about people seeking opportunities at your company. For example, if you’re hiring a truck driver from the platform, you’ll be able to see their educational background, employment history, and record of accomplishments, to name a few. Such information can give you an idea of how your business can benefit from their expertise. 

The platform has both passive talents who aren’t actively job searching and active job seekers who are consistently looking for better job opportunities. While you can’t reach out to them all, one way for them to find you is to grow your connections. The bigger your network is, the more access you will have to qualified candidates. Of course, many people would still prefer to use a company such as Tenstreet to help them with all of their recruiting needs, especially if they’re new to LinkedIn and are unsure of what they’re doing.

Improve Your Visibility 

Ultimately, when done right, LinkedIn can help improve your visibility online. Google ranks LinkedIn company pages in the search engine results. Therefore, optimizing your posts for SEO allows you to perform better in the search engine. 

As a result, your website may see an increase in traffic. This much is true if you link your site to your LinkedIn posts. The platform provides analytical data about your website traffic, engagement, trends, and follower demographics. 


An optimized LinkedIn page opens up opportunities for networking and reaching out to quality sales leads. More importantly, it also adds to your efforts to increase brand awareness globally and establish an image of a reputable organization. 

By understanding the benefits of LinkedIn, knowing how you can maximize its potential, and tailoring your content in a way that engages your intended audience, you increase your chances of building referral relationships and ultimately generating sales leads. 

What do you think of LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your trucking business? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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