We asked Rusty Nelson, Information Technology Specialist, Energy Information Administration, while we were discussing the technical details of how the best casino bonuses are implemented on the busiest platforms.

The skills needed to become a computer engineer are similar to those needed to become a software engineer.

I’m not a software engineer and I would be the first person to make this claim. But I’ve managed dozens of computer systems and hundreds of desktop applications. And I’ve managed teams of software engineers. And let me tell you, to have the best software engineers, one must have very good software engineers.

There are other differences too.

A software engineer builds something. Computers are made of bricks. Software developers work on the bricks.

A computer engineer builds software. Computer engineers build the bricks.

A computer engineer builds computer systems. Computer systems are assembled from bricks.

A software engineer builds software for the Internet. The internet is composed of wires. Software developers must build wire systems to make computers.

Anyways, in this article, I will describe the skills and projects needed to become a computer engineer. And if you’re a software engineer reading this article, this is the project you should be worrying about.

Computer Engineer Training Courses

To become a computer engineer, you’ll need to complete a computer programming course.

Course Description

Many college students have completed a computer programming course and found the course inadequate. So, how can you change their minds? Answer: Spend three months or more coding a data processing system for a federal data warehouse, or another high profile program that only uses standard programming languages.

Since a lot of modern software systems do use standard programming languages, if you haven’t completed a computer programming course, you may not be qualified to work on data warehousing projects.

While I agree the field of computer engineering is getting more technologically savvy, I can’t help but wonder if it is worth taking an entire semester or more to learn a new programming language just to become a data warehousing engineer.

It will make you a better software engineer when you’re a data warehousing engineer.

Software Engineer Training Resources

We have found several tutorials that teach how to build a data warehouse.

A lot of computer engineers hate the cloud. I don’t mean to sound as if I want the government to have more power over the Internet.

I just dislike the centralized approach of many large companies. I know a lot of computer systems rely on the Internet. And while I like a certain level of centralized control, the core of data management systems is computing.

When computer systems are built by large companies that are not involved in other business units, they lose control of the data. So, the idea of a system being built by a company that isn’t involved in other divisions of the company doesn’t appeal to me.

The problem is that data stored by these large companies might leak.

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