Anyone living in Colorado or anyone who has visited the state at least once would know there isn’t exactly a cheap place to live in. Though there are very affordable neighborhoods, not everyone can decide to live in Denver luxury apartments. But there are also towns with the highest per capita income in the entire US. We have mentioned here a few of the wealthiest towns in Colorado. So if you have seen some Colorado ranches for sale that take your fancy, you are going to need to make sure you have all the information you need for the big move. Moving house can be a challenging process, particularly if you’re moving long-distance. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible! You just need to do lots of research to ensure you are prepared. For example, that means checking out Wellington electricians or Denver roofers so you have them ready for when you settle in. Anyway, check the list below and have a think.

Castle Pines

Castle Pines has been keeping a consistent reputation for having the highest per capita income. The town is home to little more than ten thousand and the median income is about $157,500. Almost every house in the town looks like it’s been pulled out from a monthly magazine.


Over the years, we have observed a great deal of growth from this town from Larimer County. Wellington has managed to keep its unemployment rate low, besides its occasional ups and downs. With the median household income being $86,130, the residents are well-minded folks with decent lives.

Lone Tree

Lone Tree has also been very progressive over the last few years. The town’s median household came around $121,300 and you can expect it to rise even more. In a town called “Lone Tree”, you’d wonder how they would celebrate Christmas or decorate their Christmas trees. “It’s a great day to be in Lone Tree!” is the official town motto, so you can probably guess what it’s like to be here.


The employment rate in Superior is almost 90% and most of the population is far above the poverty line. The median home income is expected to be $119,810.

Cherry Hills Village

Cherry Hill Village is one of the topmost affluent towns in the United States. It kept its mark in Colorado with its high-class vibrant atmosphere. With very low poverty and unemployment rates, we evaluate the median house income here to be around $235,570. You can expect the people here to be living a decent life.

Castle Rock

With a population exceeding sixty thousand, Castle Rock is relatively well off than its peers. The unemployment rate here is a little less than 3% and the median income is around $109,700.


Centennial is deemed to be one of the best places to settle down in Colorado. The population here is over 100,000 and the poverty rate is 3.2%. With its median household income being over $433,000 here, you can expect the residents here are living a considerably good life.


Even with a population as low as 14,000 heads, the town has managed to keep its median income at $100,300. The unemployment and poverty rate is very low. Saturated with diverse communities, this town also has very little documentation of criminal behavior.


Some of the towns in Colorado have made names into the list of the most affluent cities in the US. Most of these places have very good job opportunities with the highest paying jobs being in STEM-related. With its picturesque houses, living in the towns of one of the fastest-growing states in the country is quite hopeful in its own term.

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