Social media is undoubtedly the most happening place that you can be at! This sector of the world of technology is ever-changing, and there are newer things coming up every single day. So, how should you be coping up with these trends? 2020 is going to continue with some trends from this year and bring a few new ones on the table too. To know what’s in store for social media in the coming year, keep reading!

Social media trends to look out for in 2020

Based on the predictions made by experts, here are a few trends that will be popular in the year 2020 when it comes to social media:

#1 Enhanced customer service

Customer service facilities need to be a part of every single business these days, whether it is an online one or an offline one. The online websites will see businesses improving their site and including necessary customer support elements. For example, on a website like Nettbuss, you can see FAQs, which add to the convenience of those checking out the site.

#2 Further popularity of influencer marketing

The consumers in today’s times are highly active on social media and look for reviews of different products and services. Their trust lies in social media influencers. Therefore, in 2020 too, the businesses would be promoting their business greatly through influencer marketing for an effective approach. They are able to do this because of the large following they have which allows businesses to reach out to them in order to review their products and services to then promote them. If you’re looking to grow your social media following, you might have heard of sites like Social Meep and AiGrow. However, the problems with these sites are that they are run by bots and often use fake followers. People soon realised this and are now preferring sites like the one found here

#3 Augmented Reality is on a high

Augmented Reality (AR) is slowly evolving. Its application can be seen in a number of different sectors these days. For instance, brands like IKEA are offering ways that help in seeing how a particular furniture item would look in their homes. Or, there are beauty brands that offer consumers to check out how their new haircut would suit them. 2020 is going to see further evolution and exploitation of AR technology.

#4 Content and visual marketing continue to grow

Content and good visuals have always attracted consumers. In 2020 too, people will be on the lookout for these things to set up their mind for a particular product or service. Also, video and animation visuals are making a rise in the coming year.

#5 Chatbots are in!

The algorithms these days are much more advanced. Chatbots was a fairly newer concept this year. However, in 2019, the concept has grown and occupied a larger part of the market. More and more businesses are expected to utilize the concepts of Chatbots to make it a better experience for the consumers of their business products and services.

There are other popular social media trends that are going to make their way into 2020. However, these are the most significant ones on the list! Also, one cannot forget the fact that social media is a vulnerable aspect and can change within a few moments itself! Make yourself familiar with these trends and try to adapt them for better business experience. If you are a consumer, take advantage of these social media trends and make a wiser choice while utilizing any services.

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