Online casino players switch to mobile devices to access games easier and enjoy playing wherever they are. What browsers do they use? Do they prefer Android or iOS? How long is an average playing session? You can find out the information about player behaviour below in our article. It will be useful for both game developers and product owners.

According to CasinoGuardian, mobile gambling is one of the hottest trends in the UK gambling sector. The number of smartphone users has increased from 39% to 78% over the last six years, and it seems it will keep on rising further. Mobile technology becomes more and more elaborate and easier to operate, and as a result, more and more players prefer smartphones to PCs while gambling.

Gamingtec, as a software platform provider, receives statistics directly from the partners. Current statistics show that 32% of players use PCs, 65% use smartphones and 3% use tablets. Among smartphone users, 67% prefer Android, and 30% prefer iOS. Even though there are more than twice as many Android users, iPhone users place three times higher deposits. As for the playing sessions, the longest ones are registered on smartphones (up to 7–8 minutes on average), while the shortest ones are on tablets (about 4 minutes on average).

That is why game developers need to focus on mobile applications for both AppStore and Google Play. It is equally important to adapt games to different browsers. According to the statistics, most players prefer Google Chrome browser (58%), 22% of players use Android WebView to display web content, and about 12% of users play games via Safari browser.

The UK Gambling Commission expects that more than half of the total remote gambling yield will be generated via gambling operators’ mobile channels by 2020.

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