Threats are everywhere if you have a business that works online. Threats can come from any corner, whether they are phishing scams, frauds such as the ones that have sprung up in the coronavirus era, denial of service attacks, or cyber-criminals coming in to steal and sell your data on the dark web. To make sure that you are protected against any threats that might come your way, this guide has five steps for a much securer system. To assist with protecting data, web pages such as can be used to show how masking may be utilized in these instances.

Create a VPN

To make sure everyone in your company, whether they are in the office itself or work remotely, is working on the same server, it makes sense to set up a virtual private network, which encrypts your communication and helps your communication to stay private. Additionally, by masking your IP address, it also makes it more difficult for hackers to find your location and to get into your network. Take a look at AlwaysVPN to find out more about VPNs and which VPN will be the best for your devices.

Install a Firewall

For maximum security and peace of mind, a firewall is an essential piece of gear that can truly transform your company. If you are running a company out of an office, a piece of hardware such as the selection available at can easily connect all your computers together. It’s also important to create virtual borders within your network, so if one part is compromised, then hackers will not have access to the entire network.

Randomly Generated Passwords

One of the simplest mistakes around is using an easily identifiable password to log in to any system. Hackers will have a list of the most usable words and simply run your system through a chain of commands until they hit the password that they are looking for. That’s why it’s extremely important to have a password manager and randomly generate your passwords to have a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters that no hacker could guess in a million years. Also, make sure that it is over at least seven characters in order to boost the password’s complexity.

Transparency With Employees

Whenever you make any changes, it is essential that you are transparent with your employees at the same time. They hate nothing more than poor communication and to be kept in the dark about security matters close to the company. Host a meeting to go through the changes and to explain to your employees the threats they face and the steps that they can make to safeguard the company. Another clever idea is to send project managers off to a training seminar so they can learn about security threats and communicate that correctly to the other members of their team.

Secure Your Wi-Fi

Having a secure Wi-Fi connection is one of the most important steps you can take to protect the integrity of your network. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that your Wi-Fi is a private network that guests must request a password to access. It also makes sense to have two separate networks for guests and internal use in order to guarantee that extra level of protection.

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