Every time I hear someone saying (or read something someone wrote) that they just “can’t believe there are some people who still use desktop computers,” I cannot help but cringe a little, because for the life of me I can’t imagine any better computing platform to use than the good old desktop! Sure, the astutely classified mobile devices we use, such as our phones, tablets and even our laptops, are designed with mobility in mind, but not even the most powerful laptop can come close to offering everything the most powerful desktop PC does. Certainly, certain tasks are infact better suited to the PC, such as searching through records like those on Geneology Bank (https://www.genealogybank.com/explore/obituaries/all/usa/florida/orlando/orlando-sentinel) to find out about family history – tasks like that only benefit from being on the big screen, giving you more space to read and absorb everything you are discovering.

So desktop PC will never die. I mean just try to use something like Facebook on your Smartphone and then use it via your web browser, on your desktop. You get an infinitely better computing experience, all-round, especially when you take into account the multi-tasking capabilities.

So, with that said, there’s a reason why even in those places where cheap mobile data complements free Wi-Fi hotspots, you’re bound to find an internet cafe somewhere with their own dedicated internet being supplied, the newer modern establishments could even be connected with a provider like satellite internet now or others that could provide competitively high speeds, giving users an extremely improved experience. Here’s a look at some of the best internet cafe spots from around the world:

South Africa

South African perhaps represents many other developing nations with an emerging market and growing middle class and so the internet cafe scene seen here can probably be seen in many other places around the world. There are plenty and they’re typically clearly marked as such, but they offer administrative type services like photocopying, scanning, and even assistance with opening up a new public email account with the likes of Gmail and Yahoo.

It’s not uncommon to have access to pre-pay telephones as well. Many customers flock to internet cafes to go through the motions of applying for jobs.


On this Indian ocean island you’ll have to look pretty hard to find an internet cafe, but there are plenty of these around. Since most jobs are in the tourism industry though, consumers are typically younger and flock to the internet cafes to enjoy some gaming, particularly online gaming.


Ask a local in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo where you can find an internet cafe and they may not even know what on earth you’re talking about. However, internet cafes do exist, typically found in some unassuming corners and they usually offer a little bit more than just the ability to go online via the desktop. You can get coffee, for example, which goes back to the original coining of the phrase “internet cafe.”


There are plenty of internet cafes on mainland Thailand, but if you visit pure tourist destinations such as Phuket Island then you’ll have a hard time finding an internet cafe. They do exist though, usually frequented by local children who are there to enjoy some gaming, with the powerful machines dedicated to just that. Mobile data is otherwise very cheap, which is why visitors might struggle to be understood in seeking out internet cafes.

Going online might not help either. Rather, search for “computer shop” or “internet shop,” because asking for an internet cafe will draw some rather puzzled looks.

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