There are literally over a hundred NBN deals available in the market coming from different internet service providers.  And because unlimited internet is now the new market trend, the difficulty of finding the best NBN deals in Australia has increased.  Of course, as consumers we have the right to scrutinise and compare so we will be able to find the one that truly serves our needs while staying within the budget.  

With a mountain of choices before you, you must be able to determine how to really compare and assess the best NBN deals by doing the following steps:


The first step is to determine what kind of fibre connection you have at home.  Is it FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises), FFTC (Fibre-to-the-Curb), FTTN (Fibre-to-the-Node), or FTTB (Fibre-to-the-Basement)?  When you know what kind of connection you have at home, this will already help you scratch out those that are not suitable for you at all.


Consider the load that your entire household needs the entire time.  Are there gamers in the house? Streamers? Online students? Or probably someone is working from home?

They all have different speed requirements, and in order to get an optimum online experience, your NBN plan must be able to meet the right speed, data, bandwidth, and latency. If you are getting a connection for a month or so for a trial, you can also run speed tests every day through websites like test my speed to keep track of downloading and uploading speed.

Also, discuss the bandwidth with the internet companies along with monthly rates to find the best deal. The internet can be one of the biggest necessities currently, and selecting a perfect plan for your family and yourself can be very important. Otherwise, picking the wrong one will only result in constant lag spikes and down times, affecting your productivity.


Once you have already determined your fibre connection and the speed requirement in your home, you are now ready to look for your NBN plan. Of course, every household has a budget, therefore, determining the price you are willing to pay for an NBN plan is extremely important.

Matching your budget with your needs is a great way to find the right NBN plan for you.  There are a lot of ISPs that offer cheap deals, and there also those who offer more expensive packages with added perks. Most NBN providers offer the same service, however, you must also check on other factors, such as customer satisfaction.  


Once you have completed these steps, it’s time for you to choose the internet service provider that could offer you the best deal.  The following are the most popular NBN providers in Australia:

  1. AUSSIE BROADBAND – They are known to be the Best NBN Provider in the last two consecutive years.  They offer plans at almost every available speed tier plus they have one of the best customer services with a self-serve app.  Their unlimited plans start at $59 only. 
  1. TPG – Known to be the Best NBN Provider for Speed.  It tops broadband speed tests, even during busy evening hours.
  1. TELSTRA – Best known to offer great perks and features.  Telstra might be way too pricey compared to most of the NBN providers, but they give you the best added-value services.  So if you want and can afford a VIP treatment, Telstra might just be the ISP for you.
  1. OPTUS – Optus is also known to be giving great internet speed.  They also have family bundles that you might like to try.
  1. FOXTEL – They combine internet and entertainment plans, with unlimited monthly data.  However, they only offer plans with lock-in contracts, except for existing Platinum or Premium customers.
  1. VODAFONE – Vodafone is one of Australia’s big three telcos but is still new in offering NBN plans.  But because of their popularity, people easily consider Vodafone when window-shopping for broadband.
  1. DODO – They offer simple plans at different speed-tiers with no lock-in contracts.  So if you are looking for a straightforward, no nonsense broadband connection, check the deals from Dodo.
  1. TANGERINE – They might not exactly be the best in speed or have feature-packed plans compared to other NBN providers, but they do offer the cheapest deals in the market at competitive speed, customer service and support.  This easily makes them one of the top picks.