Whilst the primary esports market is still heavily focussed on PC and the biggest games the PC has to offer, recent years have also seen movement in the mobile esports space as the huge audience behind mobile gaming and the growth in certain regions has found huge benefit to doing so. Even the betting industry has taken advantage of this boom, with huge growth in esports betting taking place online. Unlike traditional sports betting, esports can take place at any time and anyone can play meaning that there are more opportunities to place bets and win big. But what are some of Androids biggest mobile esports, and could mobile esports as a whole start to quicken pace and catch PC esports?

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Clash of Clans – The game has seemingly been around forever at this point, and still has a lot to offer – Clash of Clans remains absolutely huge, and although it may not seem like an esports candidate it does have certain parts of it that remain viable. The thrill of upgrading from a Town Hall 10 to the amazing Town Hall 11 base, upgrading your Valkyrie to defending your base against enemy ‘chiefs’ – these are just a few of the things that the players look forward to! However, being picked up by esports organizer giant ESL and looking to have its time in the light on the big stage, this could certainly be a game that grows into one of the biggest mobile esports available on Android, and as a recognizable title too as many casual mobile players have likely tried it, can remain one of the biggest too. Perhaps the only drawback is that being an older game, brand new players to the mobile market may overlook it, despite it still ranking very highly on many download lists.

Clash Royale and Hearthstone – Although slightly different games, both fall under the trading card game sort of style of building a deck to beat your opponent, and both have a booming esports scene too. Whilst Hearthstone is slowly fading on PC, it seems to be finding a second wind on mobile, and the nature of both games does provide a great platform on mobile to succeed as neither require any extremely fast action, and therefore are much easier to follow, and much easier to pick up, something that seems to be very key in esports.

PUBG and Fortnite – Two more familiar esports games that found their big home on PC but have certainly found some success on mobile too – PUBG had spent some time being huge in China as its primary market, and Fortnite still has an existing mobile esports market too with both being two of the bigger battle royales in the world, and a genre that seems well suited for mobile too. While all of the pubg Tournaments upcoming tournaments are for normal console players, the mobile users are helping keep the game’s hype up and the number of people playing it consistent. An active community for both games has also certainly helped keep interest alive in both, and whilst spectating these titles can be a little difficult for new viewers, the familiarity from the PC esports scene will keep both viable for some time to come, and may help lead the way for mobile shooters in general.

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