Mobile gaming is slowly becoming one of the fastest growing industries on the planet, in fact it is even taking over the gaming industry with it now taking up over 60% of the global gaming revenue as some studies suggest. Mobile gaming is starting to become a more significant segment of the gaming industry as the technology becomes better on smartphones. Today we evaluate the main reasons why it’s become so popular.


Mobile games are developing at a rapid rate in which the complexity and detail that goes into each individual game now is beyond impressive. The mobile gaming experience is becoming something that everyone is wanting to get involved in because of the improved usability, impressive graphics and the abilty for mobiles to now take the gaming experience to the next level. Mobile platforms are also ideal for playing games of yesteryear. Check out gbc emu for iphone to relive some of your favorite Gameboy memories!

One of the many draws of mobile gaming is the competitiveness of it. With so many people playing mobile games across the world, there’s a lot of people to compete with for that top place on the leaderboard. That’s why many gamers turn to a site like to ensure that they never miss a tap when it’s needed most. This can help them to beat the high score, driving up the competitiveness even further.

Furthermore, and probably the main advantage to mobile gaming is the abilty to play anywhere and anyhow. You can play on the go, whilst travelling and a trend now is even to just play in the comfort of your own home because the games are becoming that good. Smartphones are lightweight, transferable and virtually taken everywhere you go so the opportunity to play is virtually whenever you get a free moment.

Due to this, there has been other trends that market experts are seeing and mobile gamers transferring to similar sectors such as online casinos. At Max Casinos, they are certainly seeing this trend as an influx of mobile gamers are trying their skills on their roulette and card tables; and with the huge deposit matches they are offering, it isn’t a trend that’s likely to slow down and is also seeing the exponential growth that the mobile gaming industry is receiving.

With mobile gaming as well, players are spending less time waiting for downloads and more time playing due to the quick app downloads and start up times meaning that the retention rate for their games is much higher than those on consoles for example.

Finally, with mobile gaming usually just being a casual bit of fun for most, this means that they aren’t having to invest much into their games to enable them to be able to play. For example, consumers now just have to purchase or download the game for free to be able to play, rather than have to buy accessories, disks, controllers or anything they’d usually have to purchase to be able to play.

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