Sports serve as a kind of enjoyment for a huge number of individuals, for the greatest games ever played, the crowds have been the biggest. A competent sports app allows you to monitor the performance of your favourite team at the press of a button, and who wouldn’t want to watch their favourite team in their respective sport play and perform at the highest levels? Therefore, in this article, we will be telling you three applications that you can download on your Android or iOS device so you can watch your favourite sport. Alternatively, if you would like to support your team and have the potential to profit from them winning, you can do so on just like these player favourites applications.

FlashScore – FlashScore offers scores, analytics, and rankings for more than 5000+ sporting events from over 50 different sports. As if you were sitting in a stadium, you’ll be able to watch your favourite teams in real time. You have a few options if you want to remain on top of the newest news around your favourite sporting event. It’s now easier than ever to catch up on your favourite sporting events on the go.

Yahoo Sports – Yahoo Sports is your go-to sports app for Android and iOS, this application provides instant access to information about your favourite football leagues. For more in-depth information or analyses of games and teams, you could visit their website with all the latest sports news (or click here for specific comments by sporting experts). Without a membership, you can also watch live coverage of the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball. Boxing, cycling, and tennis are all covered, in addition to cricket and tennis.

CBS Sports – As one of the top sports news applications, CBS Sports gives you quick access to game results, statistics, and analysis. NCAA Basketball and the PGA Tour are just two of the many sporting events that can be seen live using the app. The CBS Sports HQ video streaming service is extremely popular among sports lovers. Fans may listen to live broadcasts on CBS Sports Radio or watch the action unfold on CBS Sports HQ.

There are many LIVE sport applications available on the app store, it’s best to download an official sport viewing applications like the ones mentioned above as there are many third-party viewing applications available and if you download them, you should expect constant buffers and for some you may be asked to pay a monthly subscription which will be overpriced.