Every part of supply chain management has experienced a marked upswing in volume and delays due to the pandemic, multi-unit residential buildings have struggled just as much. Outside of the usual winter holiday rush, internal parcel tracking fits easily into a short enough length of time tenants happy. With a drastic and continuing increase in average deliveries per person during Covid-19, the people and systems responsible for last-yard logistics struggled to keep up. Mailroom software offers the best solution.

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Parcel delivery rates increase above holiday levels and continue to rise in a post Covid-19 world.

The need for more delivery vehicles, expanded distribution options, and new tech that assists with everything from traffic control to anti-pollution measures increases. These safety concerns surrounding the pandemic that led to contactless and autonomous delivery will continue due to convenience. This represents a paradigm shift in the concept of parcel delivery, but it is a trend that is here to stay.

The same types of changes exist after the truck drops off the packages at a residential building. Front desk and mailroom workers become an integral part of the logistics chain. Tenants in the building expect the same speed, security, and accuracy that people in single-family homes do. How can property managers keep their tenants happy? (Find out the difference between active and passive property management)

Old Systems Fail at Internal Parcel Tracking and Tenant Satisfaction

In the days prior to the pandemic upswing in e-commerce shopping, a standard mailroom could easily handle the trickle of packages every day. A year’s difference, however, in which online sales and subsequent deliveries increased 74%, has overwhelmed old systems like logbooks, spreadsheets, and simple databases.

The end results are frustrated and strained employees, dissatisfied tenants, lost packages, and delays that cause and even higher need for service, interaction, and remediation in order to maintain positive reputation.

Mailroom Management Software Transforms the Last-Yard Logistics Timeline

When considering the entire parcel delivery process from warehouse to the hands of the individual on the address label, speed is undoubtedly the most desired feature from the recipient’s point of view. Therefore, freight service providers such as CSA Transportation (click over here now) and similar others tend to place a lot of value on elements such as accuracy and efficiency that contribute to speeding up the process. Of course, security matters, too, but a straight line between source and destination covers that concern as well.


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Time savings with digital management systems total almost 2 minutes for every parcel received.

How does mailroom management software affect the timeline during the last-yard logistics process? It is impossible to slow it down beyond any situation where PropTech is not used.

1 — The delivery truck or van pulls up outside the door, unloads the packages on a cart, and brings them inside front desk personnel. The process of signing for them and piling them up or directing them to the mailroom stays the same no matter what system is used. Delivery companies have already integrated digital tracking methods across the board.

2 – Parcels get logged into the system to ensure they all match up with a resident of the apartment building. With software, this takes mere seconds as labels are scanned rather than typed in manually to a different program.

3 – The tenant gets notified automatically or manually depending on the mailroom system of the particular building. They arrive at the pickup location with their data already recorded. All they need to do is show their ID and walk out with their package. The mailroom management software updates automatically.

The digitalization of the entire logistics chain will only continue to improve as parcel volume increases in the post-pandemic world. For multi-unit residential property and mailroom managers, unique and efficient mailroom management software does more to minimize the timeline and satisfy recipients.