Considering that it is possible to buy a television for as low as below 300 USD, you might be wondering if it is affordable or worth it to buy a Samsung 8K TV for between 7,000 USD and 60,000 USD. Many things should be considered what affordability is being considered. Prominent among such things include the usefulness of the item under debate, the specifications of the item as well as the prevailing economic conditions of the country. Some cars are worth around 10,000 USD but people still buy cars worth 250,000 USD. Thus, people are different and what one person might consider affordable might be different from what others would consider being affordable. This article will discuss how affordable the Samsung 8K TV is, based on 3 major factors.

The usefulness of the Samsung 8K Television
Before we delve further to more information about Samsung 8K Television, let us look at what we use the television to do normally. The television comes in handy for watching television channels, watching movies from CDs and DVDs, playing video games and streaming movies among others. However, considering that we have already stated that even a television bought for 300 USD can perform all of these tasks, then you might be wondering why you should spend 60,000 USD on a television. The answer is better specifications, more features, a bigger screen, and sharper picture quality among many others. Viewing a movie on the Samsung 8K Television will offer a vastly better experience than one on a TV worth 300 USD. Also, keep in mind that if you do not have access to HD or 4K content, you may not be able to use the TV’s full capacity. To make the most of this TV, it is recommended to install an HD antenna (like the ones listed at and then stream the content in the highest quality.

Specifications of Samsung 8K Television
The Samsung 8K QLED Television comes with a lot of interesting specifications and features that stand it out from most other television. It comes with a redefined high definition that delivers picture quality that is almost as though you were seeing the objects really and not in a movie. The size of the screen of the television also makes it even more interesting as you see the items in their real size, if not bigger. The outstanding clarity of the picture makes watching 8K television a revolutionary experience. The television is smart and comes with astounding intelligence that automatically re-masters pictures to 8K quality. You can also connect the TV to smart speakers and Wi-Fi networks. It also features Bixby, works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Thus, you can control the TV with your voice and ask questions.

Prevailing economic conditions in the USA
The unemployment rate in the USA has dropped in recent times from over 9 percent in 2012 to 3.6 percent in 2019. The current minimum wage in the USA is 7.25 USD. Working for 40 hours a week, an individual on the minimum wage would have raised just 290 USD in a week. This implies that they would need to have worked for 24 weeks to raise 7000 USD. 24 weeks would result in 6 months. Thus, the 7,000 USD variant would be affordable for those who earn at least double the minimum wage, as they can raise the money with their 3 months’ salary. Those that earn 20 times the minimum wage should be able to afford the 60,000 USD variant.

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