SwiftKey makes all themes completely free

SwiftKey used to be a paid app, then they went to a free model with paid themes. Now all the themes are completely free for download. Fun facts: 1) Microsoft now owns SwiftKey (acquired for $250m) 2) SwiftKey helped design the predictive keyboard Stephen ...

Kodak Ektra goes on sale December 9 for €499

Camera centric phones have never sold very well, just look at the Nokia Pureview or the Galaxy Zoom family. But that’s not stopping Kodak from releasing an Android phone called the Kodak Ektra. Featuring a 21MP camera on the back (which looks like ...

Phone maker Blu trades up Chinese spyware for Google apps

Budget phone manufacturer Blu was under fire when it was discovered that software preinstalled on its devices to push OTA updates was sending data to a server in China. The company admits no wrongdoing, but has since changed direction and pledged to use ...

Really Blue color Pixel now back in stock at the Google Store

After being sold out since shortly after release, the Really Blue version of the Google Pixel phone is now back in stock at the Google Store.   [Google Store]

[Photos] First look at what could be the Blackberry Mercury

As Blackberry is gearing down the hardware division, this may be the last of the QWERTY phones they put out. Rumored to be called the Blackberry Mercury, this is the first non-render photo that has surfaced of what might become the actual product. It’s ...
Android M Marshmallow

Android “M”, The Next Version Will Be Named Marshmallow

Just unveiled in Mountain View is the latest Android statue on the Google campus. As you can see in the photo, Android M will officially be known as Marshmallow. The Version number should be 6.0, which would denote a significant release. [Google+ via ...
LG Nexus 5 2015

Is this the LG Nexus 5 2015?

Showing up on Google+ over the weekend from a seemingly random user, this might be the clearest picture yet of the LG Nexus 5 2025. The Nexus branding is clear, and it looks very similar to the renders that were leaked early. The Not For Sale badge and ...
Latency Robot

Check out the robot that Google uses to test lag in Android

Almost everyone has experienced lag on an Android device for one reason or another. At Google the Chrome OS team uses a robotic rig built by the Finnish company OptoFidelity to measure latency (or lag) on Android and Chrome OS devices. The robotic finger ...

PSA: Android Wear devices will automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time

Those of use that own and use smartphones have long since stopped worrying about resetting the clock after a time change, it just happens automatically while we sleep. If you’re also using an Android Wear device, you don’t have to think about ...

T-Mobile HTC One M7 to get Lollipop update starting Tuesday March 10th

If you’re still rocking the original HTC One M7 on T-Mobile, the wait is almost over for your turn to get the latest version of Android. Confirmed on Twitter by Mo Versi, HTC’s VP of Product Management, the update will start this coming Tuesday, ...
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