Google’s Nexus Q – Android-powered social media streaming device, available for pre-order for $299

During the keynote today at Google I/O, a new piece of hardware was announced that’s 100% Google. It’s called the Nexus Q, and it’s presented as the world’s first “social streaming media player”. Essentially it’s an Android powered computer inside, it actually features the same chipset as the Galaxy Nexus, and it’s controlled by external Android phones or tablets.

On the outside, the design is simple, if a bit boring. It’s just a black 2lb ball with a ring of lights going around its equator. Inside is an OMAP 4 processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, an integrated 25W amp, and it runs Ice Cream Sandwich. Although the Nexus Q can’t really be used by itself, once you connect it to a compatible television, speakers and Android device, that’s when it really comes alive.

All of your music, TV, movies, and even YouTube can be streamed through the device to your large screen TV or stereo system. Naturally, Google is pushing this to be used with content purchased through the Google Play store. Then comes in the “social” aspect of the device: When your friends come over, they can connect to your Nexus Q and stream their content. And if there’s multiple Android devices connected to a single Q, each person can add to and control the playlist.

The Nexus Q is available now for pre-order from the Play Store for $299 and expected to ship around mid-July.

[Play Store product page]

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