PowerSkin battery-boosting case now available for the HTC One S

Looking to get some extra battery life out of your HTC One S and get some protection at the same time? Well then look no further than the new PowerSkin case, now available for the One S. The soft rubberized case wraps your phone in comfortable protection, while at the same time adding a 1500mAh battery for those times when you need a little extra juice. It also comes with a built-in On/Off switch, so you can keep the extra power in reserve till you really need it as well as LED lights showing battery level remaining and charge status.

PowerSkin already has a few of their signature cases available for various HTC’s, Samsung’s and other devices, and they’re excited to now have it for the One S. Here’s what Christian Haze, Product Manager for PowerSkin, had to say: “With the One S being one of HTC’s fastest phones launched to date, it requires an incredible pull from the battery. The speed is impressive for any user, so we wanted to make sure we provided a solution to keep people charged and connected while on the go. PowerSkin’s slim-fitting silicone case is soft to the touch, yet ruggedly durable, also packing a powerful punch – extending talk time nearly 4 hours.”

The asking price for this wonder of technology? A mere $69.99. While it’s slightly more expensive than you’re average 3rd party extended battery, it’s hard to find a better looking extended power and case solution out there.

[Product Page]


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