Samsung Galaxy S III full ROM leaked, S-Voice and other apps now available

The Flipboard app was the first of the exclusive goodies to be pulled from the Galaxy S III for use on other devices, and now the full Android 4.0.4 ROM has been leaked. Developers and other folks anxious to get their hands on Samsung’s latest TouchWiz with all the tweaks and other apps are going to want to download the full thing and start taking it apart. Hopefully some of the new features will start trickling into other custom ROMs.

Download: I9300XXALE8 (4.0.4) – Turkey (OJV) [19-05-12]

If you’re just an ordinary user, the S-Voice app has already been pulled from the ROM and is ready for a standalone download on XDA here.

How to install: You can either install it through the Android package installer like any other 3rd party app but reports suggest it is better to install it as a system app. To install as a system app do the following:

  • Make a nandroid backup! (just to be safe)
  • Download the apk on your SD card
  • Using a file manager, copy/paste into system/app
  • Longpress the apk file from Within system/app, select “permissions” and change to r-w, r, r

If you are experiencing force closes or other issues after installing as a system app, try this route: After the app is installed, use a file explorer and navigate to system/app and press on the voicetalk.apk to reinstall again over top of the original install. Readers have reported that this helps with ongoing issues.

[XDA Developers]

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