Verizon now pushing out latest Casio G’zOne Commando update, enabling push-to-talk and more

Verizon has begun pushing out a new OTA update for the rugged Casio G’zOne Commando. The software update, version number C771M100, brings several new features including security updates, enhanced features and a favorite of construction workers, push-to-talk capabilities. Here’s the full change log from Verizon:

Device Features

  • Push to Talk is now available at no additional monthly charge. To enable, see directions below.
  • Google Mobile Services has been updated to Gingerbread R8.
  • Improvements in security with the latest Google Security Patch.
  • Alert message has been added for zoom functionality when picture quality reaches the maximum (5.0 MP).
  • A new, enhanced Verizon Video Application will replace the current V CAST Video app.

Email, Messaging & Web

  • Successfully delete emails without delay.
  • Text messaging and multimedia messaging signatures have been added.
  • Correctly enter your PIN/Password in Lotus Traveler without error.

Call Features

  • Keep the screen locked after a call is ended via a Bluetooth® headset to avoid unexpected dialing in the pocket.
  • LED flash for missed call or text has been added back

To enable Push to Talk on your handset, follow these steps:
1. Complete the Over the Air software update.
2. If you are a business customer, ensure that the Push to Talk feature code has been added to your account by logging into My Business Account or by calling 1.800.VZW.4BIZ. If you are a consumer, log into My Verizon or call 1.800.2.JOIN.IN. Once you’ve added the Push to Talk feature code, you are now ready to use Push to Talk.
3. Open the Push to Talk app from within the Apps tab on the Commando and enable Push to Talk by selecting “OK”. The side key on the Commando will automatically change to Push to Talk ready.
For additional details on Push to Talk, please visit

For full updating instructions, visit the Verizon Support link below.

[Verizon Support]

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