[Accessories] GoBiz i-Microphone external mic for your smartphone

CrunchGear recently reviewed the GoBiz i-Microphone (Why so many products copying the iSomething naming?), and I find the product really interesting. While I imagine the demand for external microphones on smartphones isn’t particularly high, I can see the usefulness for some people. There’s many times when recording a video, or sometimes audio, that you loose a lot of sound quality and you end up with a C-grade YouTube clip. They say it’s compatible with the iPhone, Android phones and Blackberrys. Well, at least any phone with a standard jack, CrunchGear tested it on a Motorola Droid. It features gains of up to 12dB louder than a built-in microphone. While the sound is louder, that doesn’t always mean better. I wouldn’t try to record a concert or in a loud bar with it. From what I can tell, it doesn’t look like you can face it any direction than up, which means you’re more likely to capture the commentary from your buddy next to you more than what you’re videotaping in front of you.

Bottom line: If you want quality audio, record from something other than your smartphone. If you want a happy medium in between, it’s priced at 26 bucks.

[GoBiz i-Microphone EIM-001 on Amazon – $25.99]

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