Weirdest app of the year? Wet Cement

When I first saw the title, I thought it was just a clever name for an app that did something different. But Wet Cement does exactly what you might think it would do from the name. It’s only function is for Android users to geotag places that have freshly poured wet cement, and for other Android users to find it. You can search as well as get background notifications when you are near wet cement. The application does have a disclaimer that they do not encourage people to write in wet cement. However from the logo, you can assume they think footprints are just fine.

Is anyone going to actually use this app? Is it even for real, or just a joke or proof-of-concept? There’s still a fair amount of remodeling and construction in my city, so I’m sure a would-be graffiti artist might be interested in this app. Sure I understand the app does have a purpose, but even a bathroom finder app is a little more useful.

They have a website here. But at the time of this writing I could not get it to load. Overloaded with traffic already, guys?

[via EuroDroid]

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