Beyond the stock keyboard or even Swype

Ok, so everyone has a stock on-screen keyboard with their Android phone. Some phones have the standard Android input, some phones come preloaded with Swype, and some phones have a manufacturer customized keyboard. There’s been some recent praise and¬†criticism of a new type of keyboard called 8pen, which uses gestures for text input, perhaps not a method fro everyone.¬†But you may not know about a couple other Android keyboard alternatives out there, and Lifehacker put together a quick list of 5, along with videos. Here’s a video of one I didn’t know was around called ThickKeys:

I’ll also point out a new keyboard which is not on the list, but comes to us courtesey of an xda-developers member. Called ThumbKeyboard, it uses a rather unique layout of a split QWERTY, supposedly your brain adapts rather quickly, and it’s easier on the thumbs than a traditional on-screen keyboard. You can see more about it here.

Which virtual keyboard do you use daily?

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