Android Joining This Year’s Pwn2Own Contest

Think you have what it takes to hack into an Android phone? TippingPoint’s Zero Day Initiative team has just announce the 3rd annual Pwn2Own contest in which participants attempt to gain access to devices via security exploits. The targets include popular browsers running on laptops and a full range of smartphones, including Android. With prizes being $5000 per browser bug, and $10,000 per mobile bug, plus the device you “pwn”, the stakes are high.

Winning scenarios against the mobile devices include attacks that can be exploited via email, SMS text, website browsing and other general actions a normal user would take while using the device.  Physical access will not be granted to the mobile devices, and proving successful exploitation of one of the mobile devices will be verified by our team of hardware hacker judges on the ground at the event.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pwn2Own contest, check out the rules and results from last year.

I predict the Blackberry will be left standing (as the Ubuntu laptop was last year), and the Windows Mobile phone will be the first to fall.

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